High Tech Charm and Beauty

The beautiful city of Victoria is called the Garden City and is a popular tourist destination. Its beauty does not just attract tourists. Many people decide to take advantage of the mild climate and the relaxed pace and retire in Victoria.

Victoria, named after the Queen of England at the time, is one of the Pacific Northwests oldest settlements, founded in 1843 means that many historic buildings add charm to this attractive part of British Columbia.

It does not matter whether you have come to Victoria to retire or to start a career, you need to be sure that entertainment and communication are not going to be a problem. Yap provide the people of Victoria with high-quality Internet, TV, and Phone services that are second to none. If you just want an entertainment package or the whole nine yards at Yap we are flexible and can fit our services around you and your lifestyle.

We Have the Internet Speeds for You

YAP gives you eight plans (Basic, Couple, Trio, Family, Office, Geek, Gamer and Extreme) to choose from for your Internet service. Each plan is designed for specific Internet speed need. So your choice should be based on how much bandwidth you require or how many people are going to use the service.

With all of our plans, you do not have to spend any extra on services you do not need. If you are unsure what you need, we can help you select a plan that fits your needs perfectly.

All Your Entertainment Requirement is Here

Are you a movie buff? Maybe you like to keep up on current affairs? Whatever type of TV you want to watch we have all the Local, US and International networks. Package the channels you want into a plan that suits you. Our prices are the best north of the border.

Phone Service That is Not Stuck In the Past

We understand that in this city steeped in history you do not want your phone service to be old world. Our Canadian, US and World long distance phone plans are delivered to you using the latest in telephone technology. No hidden costs to surprise you each month on our fixed price phone services.