Reliability is Second only to Affordability

Vancouver, a seaport city in British Columbia, is the most densely populated in Canada with about 5400 people per square kilometer, that puts it at number 4 on the list of the worlds most populated cities.

Vancouver is also on the list for most livable cities on Earth, and it sits at number five for the quality of life it affords its citizens.

When you live in a city of such high regard, you need to provide services on a level that Vancouver citizens are accustomed.

At Yap, we promise to deliver the most reliable and affordable Internet, TV, and phone services to Vancouver. We are continuously advancing our technology to keep our services up to modern day demands that the people of Vancouver have come to expect.

Internet Plans, The Best Price For You

At Yap, we have packaged our Internet services into plans that will fit in with any lifestyle. Whether you are a single person who just uses the Internet occasionally on our Basic plan right up to the Extreme Internet plan that is ideal for a household of heavy Internet users or a business with staff who need to be online.

Phone Home or Phone Overseas

We agree that you should not have to pay the earth to call the world so at Yap we have three plans to help you stay in contact and save money.

If you are only calling friends and family within Canada, go for the Canada wide package and for less than $10 a month you can stay in touch. Need to call the US regularly? No worries, we have got you covered there too. Our Canada plus US fixed price package will mean you never have to worry about skyrocketing call costs. For a little extra per month, you can call the world. Our World plan is the most cost-effective way to phone over sixty countries.

All Your Favorite Networks for Everyone In The Family

Never miss your favorite shows with our competitive TV subscription package. Choose what you want from all the major networks, Canadian, US, and International channels to design a package that suits you perfectly, so you are not paying for what you do not need.