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Medicine Hat

YAP is Alberta’s Top Internet Service Provider

Medicine Hat is one of the areas where YAP’s reliable and affordable services are being offered. This city is located in the southeast part of the province and it is home to more than 60,000 residents. Medicine Hat may not be a large city, but its residents have the same needs as with those living in Canada’s key cities when it comes it entertainment and communication requirements.

Historically, this city is known for big natural gas deposits, hence it was nicknamed as the Gas City. YAP intends to keep things “burning” for the people of this great city by delivering high-speed Internet, reliable phone lines and uninterrupted TV services.

YAP provides 24/7 services that can be truly relied upon. Our technologies and facilities are the latest in the industry and we continuously upgrade so that we can provide seamless services. Out objective is simple: Provide great services for the satisfaction of our subscribers.

YAP Internet for 24/7 Connection

Yap is a service provider that puts great importance to the needs and wants of our customers. It is our understanding that despite the fact that we are the experts when it comes it connection and Internet speeds, it is our subscribers who know more about what they require. That is why all we provide is information and recommendation. We let our customers choose the best Internet package for them. The options we offer are; Basic, Couple, Family, Trio, Office, Geek, Gamer and Extreme.

Save More with YAP’s Long-Distance Phone Plans

One of the most common complaints of phone plan subscribers is the extra charges they have to pay for every month. With YAP’s phone plans, you would not be getting any such surprises on your monthly bills. Our packages are not just packed with great features, but they also come with fixed monthly fees. Speaking of features, we have these to offer with all our plans (Canada-wide, Canada+US and World): call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling, caller ID and unlimited incoming.

Affordable Entertainment TV

Watching TV is still one of the most favourite past-times of a lot of people, and residents of Medicine Hat love watching their favourite shows. YAP is offering TV plans that comes with affordability and uninterrupted service.

YAP knows the importance of getting in touch and staying in touch. Give us a call today and let us deliver the kind of service you deserve.