Internet, Phone and TV Provider You Can Trust

YAP is the Internet, TV and phone service provider that you can trust. This is not just all-talk because we work hard at delivering high-quality and fast connections to the residents of Lethbridge.

Lethbridge has the record as the fourth most populated city in Alberta province. It is situated near the Canadian Rockies and it was a popular coal mining city in the late part of the 19th century until the early parts of the 20th century. Presently, Lethbridge is a famous cultural venue for museums, performing arts and sports.

Lethbridge offers it residents with lots of things and attractions. But in times when you do not feel like going out and you would rather just stay home to watch TV, call your family or browse the Internet, you can rely on YAP for the services you require.

YAP is one of the top service providers in the country and we are proud to declare that our services are guaranteed reliable because we only work with the latest facilities.

Get the Internet Speed You Need

Every Lethbridge household requires different Internet speeds. YAP knows and understands that. We cannot tell you what type of Internet plan to avail because we would not know what speed you need. What we can do though is assure you that no matter what plan you sign up for, we will deliver what you pay for. Our Internet plans are as follow: Basic, Couple, Trio, Family, Extreme, Office, Gamer and Geek.

Affordable Long-Distance Calls and Feature-Packed Home Phone

Useful features are important in every service. With YAP’s home phone plans, the features include are not just decorations; they are necessities. These features are; unlimited incoming, call forwarding, three-way calling, call waiting and caller ID. For the choices in phone plans, your options are: Canada-wide, Canada+US and World.

Entertainment TV You Would Love

YAP offers TV packages that are designed for your needs. Bundle a TV plan with your existing YAP service and get more savings.

Contact YAP today and we will make sure that your Lethbridge household is up and running with our communications and entertainment services.