Fort Murray

Communications and Entertainment Services for Fort Murray

Technically categorized as urban service region, Fort McMurray was a former city until the first of April 1995 when it was merged with another district to create the Wood Buffalo municipality. Despite this change though, locals, the media and politicians still refer to this urban service area as the city if Fort Murray.

Things indeed changed a lot for the people of Fort Murray (it was actually called McMurray from 1947 to 1962). YAP is here to help the residents cope with more changes, particularly in the communications and entertainment needs.

YAP is a highly recommended service provider when it comes to Internet, phone and TV needs. We understand that times have changed, and the needs are getting complicated. That is why we intend to make things easy and it all starts with providing everyone with simple, yet high quality choices.

At YAP, cost-effective, dependable and excellent services is what you can expect. We have the latest technologies to ensure that are customers are provided with round-the-clock services.

YAP Internet Delivers Reliability and Affordability

YAP understands that it is important to get the right service for the right price. Our Internet plans are created based on standard speed needs as per individual, household or entity needs. For instance, our Basic Internet plan comes with speed that is just enough for personal use. If you are living with someone, the Couple Plan would be the ideal choice. We also have the Family Plan for households with at least five members. Other plans include; Trio, Office, Gamer, Geek and Extreme.

Big Savings with YAP’s Phone Plans with Long-Distance Calling

YAP offers multiple options for phone plans. These include; Canada-wide, Canada+US and World. The good thing about our long-distance packages is that they come with standard fixed monthly fees. That means that you would not be getting any surprising extra fees when you receive your monthly bills. You will be billed according to your plan. Another good thing about our phone plans is that we have packed them up with great features like; unlimited incoming, call waiting, call forwarding, called ID and three-way calling.

Get in touch with YAP today and enjoy all the benefits of our affordable and reliable services.