Dependable Entertainment and Communication Services

Edmonton is Alberta’s capital city and it is home to more than a million of residents. Nicknamed as Canada’s Festival City, it can only be assumed that people here like getting festive and entertained. YAP is one company who knows how to provide entertainment like no other.

Being connected with your family and friends is easy with the reliable Internet and phone services from YAP. If its entertainment the old-fashioned way that you are looking for, YAP’s TV service is the one for you.

One thing that we are really confident about of is that our services are backed up by technologies that are the latest and the most advanced. It is our goal that our customers are only serviced first-class and we can only accomplish that by investing in only the finest and the best facilities.

YAP is also aware of the importance of keeping customers happy in all aspects, and that includes answering their queries and fixing their issues. Our customer service representatives are not just nice and respectful, they are also skilled and trained on how to deal with different issues related to the services we provide.

Internet Speed for Every Need

YAP is not going to give you Internet service that you would not be able to fully utilize. We understand that you would want to get exactly what you are paying for, just as we know that you should only pay for what you need. We are not going to try to convince you to choose a plan. What we will do is help you out in making a decision by providing you with information that you need. Like give you details about the plans that we have. These include; Basic, Couple, Family, Trio, Extreme, Office, Gamer and Geek.

Home Phone That Works for You and Your Needs

Phone calls are not totally the thing of the past. Despite the fact that smartphones seem to have invaded the communication industry, there are still some people who feel better and safer when they have phones installed in their homes. With YAP, you do not just get the home phone line, you also get the plan that you want and need.

Give us a call today and let us provide you with more information that would help you finally come up with the best decision regarding your Internet, phone and TV needs.