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Sherbrooke may be the location for two of Quebec’s famous universities – Bishop’s and Universite de Sherbrooke – but this city contributes more than just learning institutions. It offers beautiful murals and peaceful parks plus amazing museums and exquisite restaurants. There is no doubt that Sherbrooke is an incredible place to live.

At YAP, we provide excellent, dependable and cost-effective services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Providing quality service to our customers is our priority because we know that there is no right or wrong time to call your friends long distance, browse online, or watch your favourite TV programs. We also continually invest in the most up to date hardware and network facilities to guarantee that your service is consistently available. With YAP, you will be able to watch your favourite shows, receive and send emails, stream videos and music, and call your friends and relatives, anytime day or night.

We Have the Best Internet Plans for Your Needs

The claim of most service providers is that they understand what is best for you. At YAP, we instead offer our assistance in helping you make the right choice that will perfectly suit your needs. We know that what works for one Sherbrooke home may not be suitable for another. Ultimately, you are the one who is using the service, so you should expect to receive a service that is perfect-fit for you and your family. We have an extensive range of plans to choose from: capped plans, 12-month prepaid plans, unlimited Internet, all available with various speeds to accommodate each household’s usage.

Big Savings with Long Distance Calling

YAP is your one-stop phone call provider, and we offer various options and that includes long distance calling. Now, you can phone your friends and relatives outside Sherbrooke and you would not have to worry about the cost. Our Phone service is perfect for everyone who wants to stay in touch and save money at the same time. With our affordable phone package, you have access to features such as call forwarding, call waiting, 3-way calling, and caller ID.

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