A Focus on Customer Service and Reliable Connection

Citizens of Scarborough rely on High-Speed communications. Whether they are watching television, streaming music, or studying for an exam, YAP is pleased to provide customized TV, Phone and Internet service at affordable prices.

Over half a million people call Scarborough home, and the city is continually growing. With affordable accommodation and new property developments happening in the city, Scarborough is fast becoming a place for young professionals and couples looking to raise a family. Scarborough is the perfect place to retire, as well when your working days are over.

Whether you are raising your family or looking for a place to retire, you are undoubtedly looking to stay in contact with the people that are most important in your life. With YAP entertainment and communications services, you get everything from TV, High-Speed Internet, to Long Distance Home Phone plans.

Long Distance Phone Service That Makes Sense

Calling the people that you care about is still the better option than just sending emails or instant messages. YAP understands this need for communication. That is why we are offering phone packages that are inclusive of great features like call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, unlimited incoming and 3-way calling.

Internet Connectivity, the Way It Should Be

When it comes to Internet connection, there is no standard speed need. This is something that YAP truly understands and that is the reason why our Internet packages are designed with multiple speed choices. You choose the speed you want for the Internet activities that you do. We will provide you with the right package for you. Your options are: Basic, Couple, Trio, Family, Office, Extreme. Geek and Gamer packages.

Flexible TV Choices from YAP to Your Scarborough Household

If you and your family love watching TV, you can count on YAP to provide you with the channels that you like. We know that spending time with your family is important and so is getting entertained.

Give us a call today and you will be provided with more information on the Internet, phone and TV services and packages that we offer.