Affordable and Reliable TV, Phone, and Internet Services

Whether at home or at work, Oshawa residents have come to rely on the High-Speed Internet in staying connected to the world. YAP offers the residents of Oshawa with services that comes with reliability and affordability.

Oshawa has a population of more than 150,000 and most of these residents need to get in touch, stay connected and entertained. The city is excellent for anyone just starting out in their working lives, as well as for those who just want a beautiful place to relax and enjoy their retirement.

Like in all cities, residents of Oshawa need reliable Internet, TV, and phone services. Reliability, affordability, and dependability are extremely critical when it comes to choosing a provider. You want a provider that encompasses both the conventional and modern. YAP offers all the features you are accustomed to, along with the latest infrastructure and technology, at the lowest rates on the market.

YAP services are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week; because of this, we can focus on service and flexibility. Our commitment to reliability and superior service to our customers allows us to stand out from the rest.

Phone Plans That Go Above and Beyond to Meet Customers’ Demands

Making phone calls is still one of the best means of getting in touch with family and friends. YAP understand this need and provides phone packages based on individual needs. Our phone plans are all inclusive of feature like; unlimited incoming, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding and three-way calling. Your plan options are; Canada-wide, Canada+US and World.

Our High-Speed Internet Is the Wise Choice

At YAP, we do not believe that you should accept bundled packages for the Internet that may have features that you will never use. We will work jointly with you to choose the features you require because you know best what you use the Internet for. We offer different speeds for different Internet needs.

Get in touch with us today and we will provide you with more information about our dependable and affordable TV, Internet and phone services.