Television, Internet, and Home Phone Provider with 24/7 Coverage

Connecting to the world has never been more straightforward with YAP!

We are excited to offer High-Speed Internet, Television, Digital Home Phone and Long-Distance services in the city of Gatineau. We aim to provide a high-level of service and reliability, and that never comes at the expense of affordability. With YAP, you will find the right package for your needs at an excellent price.

The city of Gatineau has so many beautiful things to offer. Share stunning pictures and videos with your pals, or just relaxing and watching the big game with your buddies, we can assist you with the right service for your needs.

We provide excellent, dependable and cost-effective service, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Service to our customers is paramount to us because there is no right or wrong time to phone your friend’s long distance, go online, or to watch your favourite TV program. We invested in the most up-to-date hardware and network infrastructure to guarantee that your service is consistently available. With YAP you will be able to watch your favourite programs, receive and send email, stream music, and phone your friends and relatives anytime of the day or night.

We Have the Best Internet for Your Needs

Many service providers maintain that they understand what is best for you. At YAP, we instead help you make a choice that will suit you perfectly. We know that what works for one Gatineau home may not be suitable for another. Ultimately, you are the one who is using the service, so you should expect to receive a service that is perfect for your needs. We have an extensive range of plans to choose from: capped plans, 12-month prepaid plans, unlimited Internet, High-Speed Cable and DSL connections with various speeds to accommodate each household’s usage.

Big Savings with Long Distance Calling

YAP is your one-stop phone call provider, and that includes your needs for long distance calling, as well. Now you can phone your friends and relatives outside of Gatineau for a reasonable price. Our Phone service is perfect for everyone who wants to stay in touch and save money. With our affordable phone package, you have access to features such as call forwarding, call waiting, 3-way calling, and caller ID.

TV Is All About Choices

Get to enjoy all your favourite channels, including Canadian and US networks, as well as international channels. We offer flexibility in choosing your channels, with a great selection of Basic packages, and stand-alone channels. With YAP, affordable television has never been more accessible.

YAP makes staying connected easy. Contact us today and get the Phone, Internet and TV service you expect at a price that you can afford.